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Zebra - JumpingClay Modelling Kit

Zebra - JumpingClay Modelling Kit

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Create your own wild Zebra from the savannas of Africa using the world's most advanced air drying modelling clay - JumpingCLAY.

The Zebra craft kit comes all inclusive with a selection of modelling clay colours, a 5-in-1 tool, diorama display puzzle and illustrated step-by-step instructions. One from our series of six Savanna kits. We recommend this instructional clay set for children aged 6+. Happy modelling!


18g Air Drying Clay Sachets x2 (white)

5g Air Drying Clay Sachets x4 (blue, brown, black)

SuperDuper Pinocchio Tool (5-in-1)

Diorama Display Set

Illustrated Guide



Air Dries Naturally - no need to Bake
Colour Mixes Like Paint
Jasmine Scented
Non-Toxic - SAFE
Gluten Free

Happy Modelling!